It's All In The Finish...Using Door Panels

Creative Cabinetry As Space Saving Solutions 

Greetings Everyone,
It's been a few months since our last post and were getting ready to greet the Holidays in a few short weeks. 
We've finished a very busy summer season and are looking forward to the end of the year and launching some exciting new projects.

Continuing our theme of using custom cabinetry as a creative and space saving solution, were posting another picture (at left) of a custom bookcase cabinet that replaces the hinged door that once stood in it's place.  We use either a durable piano type hinge or heavy duty array of hinges (3 or 4) to carry the additional weight of this actual bookcase to carry approximately 150 pounds of books.  (A lot of paper).  What is created is a additional bookcase space and if needed...a secure a private quiet room that can be locked from the inside.  Many men of the house like the idea of a dedicated "man cave" and this would fit the bill for a very small investment. 

Did You Know ? ....


Basic wood finishing procedures

Wood finishing starts with sanding either by hand, typically using a sanding block or power sander, scraping, or planing. Imperfections or nail holes on the surface may be filled using wood puttyor pores may be filled using wood filler. Often, the wood's color is changed by staining, bleaching, or any of a number of other techniques.

Once the wood surface is prepared and stained, the finish is applied. It usually consists of several coats of wax, shellac, drying oil, lacquer, varnish, or paint, and each coat is typically followed by sanding.

Finally, the surface may be polished or buffed using steel wool, pumice, rotten stone or other materials, depending on the shine desired. Often, a final coat of wax is applied over the finish to add a degree of protection.

French polishing is a finishing method of applying many thin coats of shellac using a rubbing pad, yielding a very fine glossy finish.

Ammonia fuming is a traditional process for darkening and enriching the color of white oak. Ammonia fumes react with the natural tannins in the wood and cause it to change colours.   The resulting product is known as "fumed oak".
Courtesy of Wikipedia

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