Home Office and Custom Laundry Rooms

Happy May everyone !  Spring is here and a cool one it's been!  Another week of below season temps are certain to change into hot days of June...just around the corner. 

In this months post, we again visit our recently completed custom project for General Contractor RW Thompson in Orinda/Martinez.  As showcased in this installment, we had fun with the combo laundry and home office...made to blend with the entire compliment of custom cabinets throughout the house.  One of the many things that make this unique is our creation of side panels and surrounds for the washer and dryer...completely integrating them into the cabinetry for a sleek, upscale look.  The home office incorporated custom smoked glass panels in the upper units, in keeping with the contemporary look and feel of the entire house.  



The curiosity of the Curio Cabinet 

A curio (or curio cabinet) is a predominantly glass cabinet with a metal or wood framework used to display collections of figurines or other objects that share some common theme. Most curios have glass on each side, or possibly a mirror at the back, and glass shelves to show the entire figurine. A curio may also be used to display a single crafted doll or other object of special interest.
A curio prevents dust and vermin from destroying the value of the collection. Often, a locked door or removable panel allows the collection to be seen, while protecting it from damage or theft.  For the term denoting a collection of unusual objects and the room-sized area containing them, see Cabinet of curiosities.
A curio is a specialised type of display case. Commonly a display case is horizontal, to display artefacts for sale on top of a felt background. By contrast, a curio is usually vertical to show standing items, and usually has no bottom lining.

Small Offices for Your Home...Little Known Facts

Small office/home office (or single office/home office; SOHO) refers to the category of business or cottage industry that involves from 1 to 10 workers.
Before the 19th century, and the spread of the industrial revolution around the globe, nearly all offices were small offices and/or home offices, with only a few exceptions. Most businesses were small, and the paperwork that accompanied them was limited. Technology has more recently created a demand for larger businesses to employ individuals who work from home.   The small office home office has undergone a transformation since its advent as the internet has enabled anyone working from a home office to compete globally

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