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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Happy December Everyone,  
Yes the year is almost over and I can actually say that I'm looking forward to a nice break over the holidays.  (A short break...that is).  I am reminded that there is no rest for the matter how much of a rest that I need.)   This month we dug through our library and dug up clips on a recently completed bathroom vanity cabinet that was custom finished to match other bath and home cabinetry that we had completed previously.  This is "mirror ready", which means that the homeowner and/or contractor can order and easily insert the mirror of their choice. 

Did You Know...Medicine and Bathroom Vanities

A surface-mount medicine cabinet is probably the easiest style of medicine cabinet to install. Most varieties are simply hung on the wall like a picture frame. These are available in a variety of depths, although most tend to average around 4 inches.  A recessed medicine cabinet means that it's installed by a hole cut into the bathroom wall, so the mirror sits at almost the same level as the wall. Unless you're replacing an old recessed cabinet, this can require a lot more work. However, it is a clean and custom look that can add a bit of a high-end value to your bathroom. If you're cutting a new hole to put in a recessed cabinet, make sure you check behind the drywall before purchasing a cabinet, just to make sure that no ductwork and plumbing are blocking the space.  Corner medicine cabinets are great alternatives for bathrooms or powder rooms that are a bit on the small side. They use space efficiently, and still allow for wall space, if needed.  Tri-view medicine cabinets have three mirrored panels. In some, the center is just a decorative mirror while the other two panels swing or slide open. In other models, all three sections open for storage. 

Even More About Vanities

Vanity is excessive self-regard and overblown pride.
Vanity may also refer to:
  • Vanity (dressing-table), a dressing-table with a large mirror
  • Vanity a cabinet unit of a bathroom
  • Vanity (clothing), an American clothing retailer
  • HMS Vanity, the name of more than one ship of the British Royal Navy
  • Vanity gallery, an art gallery for artists to present their own works
  • Vanity label, a recording produced by musicians themselves
  • Vanity number, a kind of telephone number
  • Vanity press, a publishing company that prints self-published works, provided the author pays the cost themselves
  • "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity", the opening verse of Ecclesiastes
  • Vanitas (Latin for vanity), a type of still life
  • Vanity 6, musical group
  • Vanity (comics), fictional city in the DC Comics universe
  • Vanity (album), 2002 album by Eighteen Visions
  • "Vanity" (1951 song), song by Jack Manus, Guy Wood and Bernard Bierman
  • "Vanity", song by Lady Gaga, 2008
  • "Vanity" (Christina Aguilera song), 2010
  • Vanity (1927 film), American silent drama film
  • (Last but not least) The Bonfire of the Vanities, a 1987 satirical novel written by Tom Wolfe. 

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