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A Look to 2019...Project Previews

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A New Year and New Projects...

Happy January 2019 everybody.  Were amazed that time has gone by so quickly...it was just summer a few months ago? WHERE did the year GO ???   What we can't say is that idle hands were at play...these hands and the shop were BUSY !  The upcoming 2019 years shows no sign that things will change.  This episode gives viewers a few clips of the Lafayette project (still underway, as of January 15th, 2019).  Once again we were Bob Thompsons contractor of choice for the quality cabinetry and undertook some very cool projects for the job.  Namely...we customized a stain grade inset bookshelf/inset cabinet in the downstairs laundry room...with hidden access panel to the utilities.  The project also included a custom laundry shoot from the upstairs mud room leading to the lower laundry AND a new kitchen.  This video shows almost entirely the BEFORE shots of exposed walls...something that we haven't done much in the past.  This early footage will give us an opportunity to show  "before AND after" shots as we contrast between this early and final stages of work.  
Remember folks...If you have an idea for your own project...large or small, don't hesitate to contact us.  If you can dream it (and sketch it on a piece of paper), we can make it come to life.

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